[How To] The 3+ Easiest Ways to Hang a Tapestry

There's a million different ways you can attach a tapestry to your wall.

I’ve seen people use tape, glue, hair gel, and Play-Doh. Yes, people in college are both creative and desperate.

However, after buying and hanging dozens of tapestries myself, I’ve come up with the 3+ best ways to hang a tapestry.

So, today I'll show you:

  • How to hang a tapestry without damaging your wall
  • Beautiful bedroom design ideas
  • Other dope ways to use your tapestry
  • Where to buy tapestry hangers
  • The coolest tapestries on the market

Let's get started.

How To Hang A Tapestry

For this tutorial, I’ll walk you through step-by-step on how to hang a wall tapestry.

Step 1. Choose A Beautiful Location

The first step is choosing the location of where you want to place your tapestry. Usually, people prefer putting their tapestries behind their bed, on their bedroom wall, or in their living room.

If you’re super creative, you can even hang your tapestry on your ceiling. However, this may require a ladder or extremely long limbs.

But, it’s important that you make sure there’s enough space on your wall for the tapestry to fit. So, you can either measure your wall and tapestry using a tape measure, or eyeball it.

Also, you can have a friend hold the other side of the tapestry and see if the tapestry fits.

So, pick out your location and make sure the tapestry looks good and fits at the place you chose before hanging anything.

Step 2. Choose Your Optimal Hanging Method

There are 6 different options to choose from when it comes to actually hanging the tapestry on your wall. If you ordered a tapestry from Pleshy, your package will come with one of these options.

However, if you didn’t order from Pleshy, you may need to run to your local office supply store.

You can also check around your house to see if you have any of these options laying around.

Method 1) Command Strip Stickers

The best way to hang a wall tapestry is by using command strip stickers. These are essentially heavy-duty stickers that don't leave any holes in your wall.

A lot of people who buy tapestries are college students living in dorm rooms or rented apartments. So, leaving your wall damaged is a big no-no.

Luckily, command strips are easy to use.

Simply remove one side of the command strip and press it firmly into the corner of your tapestry. Then, remove the other side of the command strip and press the tapestry firmly onto your wall.  

Do this for all 4 corners and your tapestry should be good to go!

You may need more stickers or have to use a different method depending on how heavy your tapestry is. If your tapestry weighs closer to a blanket than a normal tapestry, I recommend using a different hanging option.

Method 2) Velcro Strips

Velcro strips are my second favorite way of hanging tapestries. They are almost the same as command strip stickers, but are able to hold more weight.

Let’s talk about how to use Velcro strips.

Instead of 1 sticker for each corner like with the command strip stickers, you’ll be using 2 stickers for each tapestry corner.

Each sticker has 1 sticky side and 1 Velcro side. So, take 1 sticker and press it firmly into your wall. Then, take the other sticker and press it firmly into the corner of your tapestry.

After, you can attach the tapestry to your wall using the Velcro.

Method 3) Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks are the best option to hang your wall tapestry if your tapestry comes with hooks on the corners.

If your tapestry doesn’t have straps on the corners, I wouldn’t recommend using adhesive hooks.

However, it is really simple to use adhesive hooks if you choose to do so.

Simply remove the protective tape on an adhesive hook and press it firmly into your wall. Then, hang your tapestry on the hook.

That’s it.

Adhesive hooks are able to hold a moderate amount of weight.

Method 4) Push Pins

If you’re really desperate to put your tapestry on your wall, push pins are a great last resort option. You usually have a few of these lying around your house somewhere.

However, push pins will leave small holes in your wall. So make sure you're comfortable with minorly damaging your wall before using push pins.

Small holes in your bedroom wall aren't that big of a deal though. They are easy to cover up and take care of.

Check out Updater’s guide on how to easily fill nail holes in a wall if you’re looking to repair your wall.

Simply take your push pins and press them firmly into each corner of your tapestry against a wall.

Method 5) Seamless Sticker & Hanging Clips  

This is the hanging option that comes with all of the tapestries sold here at Pleshy.

These hanging clips are able to hold more weight than the command strip stickers.

Simply push the stickers into your wall. Then, attach the clip to the hook and your tapestry.

Method 6) Framing Your Tapestry

If you really want to get creative and put a bit of work in too, framing your tapestry is the last option.

How to frame a tapestry?

Well, this is more of a DIY project that involves going to your local construction store and buying the proper supplies.

I recommend checking out this DIY tapestry framing guide if you’re looking to elevate your room design to the next level.

Step 3. Do You Want A Draped Effect?

After choosing your hanging method, it’s time to choose the style you want the tapestry to be hung.

A draped effect is when the tapestry isn’t fully stretched and hangs a bit loose. You can also choose to only attach the top of your tapestry to the wall, so the bottom hangs even looser.

Here's an example of what a draped tapestry looks like.

A stretched tapestry is when you attach each corner of the tapestry tightly against the wall. This makes the tapestry look fully rectangular and almost like a painting.

It’s up to you to decide which effect you want to have inside your room.

Here's an example of what a stretched tapestry looks like.

Step 4. Other Creative Ways To Hang Your Tapestry

If you're a tapestry addict like me, you probably have dozens of extra tapestries because your walls are already full.

But don't worry. There are many other ways to make use of your tapestries.

Here are my favorite ones:

1) Over the coffee table as a table cover

2) Over the door

3) On the couch as sofa covers

4) Over the bed

5) As curtains

Step 5. Where Can I Buy Tapestry Hangers?

Luckily for you, all of our tapestries come with:

  1. Command Strip Stickers
  2. Seamless Nail & Hanging Clips

However, if you don’t have any tapestry hangers available, don’t stress.

You can find these supplies at your local:

  • Office Max
  • Office Depot
  • Staples

Or any other office supply store. You can also order them on Amazon, but it depends on if you want to wait for them to be shipped.

Step 6. Where Can I Buy A Tapestry?

This is the easiest step in the tutorial. Simply go to Pleshy.com and browse around for your favorite tapestry.

All of our tapestries are designed with one goal in mind: to motivate and inspire.

Made with premium materials, we also offer free shipping on all orders over $50.

Step 7. What Are The Best Tapestry Designs?

1) Space Man Tapestry

The Space Man Tapestry is my personal favorite tapestry design. It’s creative, angelic, and brings a sense of imagination that’s hard to find elsewhere. If you're a fan of galaxy and space tapestries, this one is sure to take your bedroom to outer space.

2) Black Lotus Tapestry

The Black Lotus Tapestry is an all-time classic. It’s simple, beautiful, and unravels a sense of chic that people adore. The Black Lotus is a crowd favorite in our incredible Mandala Tapestry Collection.

If you're a freshman in college that's super into boho and bohemian style, the Black Lotus is an absolute essential.

3) LSD Mushroom Tapestry

The LSD Mushroom Tapestry is the best seller in our Psychedelic Tapestry Collection. If you’re a fan of lucid dreaming and exploring new realities, this tapestry is perfect for you.

Step 8. How To Wash & Clean My Tapestry

Cleaning your tapestry is a delicate process. Depending on where you purchased your tapestry, the ink may or may not get smeared if put in the washer.

So, we recommend you don’t put your tapestry in the washing machine.

Instead, you can remove stains by bringing it to a dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning carpets and rugs. This may require you call a few local dry cleaners and ask if they are able to clean tapestries.

I use one of my tapestries as a table cover so I’ve spilled lots of liquids and foods on it. Every time this happens, I just take it over to my local dry cleaners and they clean it within a day.

It costs around $3-5, depending on the weight of your tapestry so it isn’t that expensive.

Furthermore, you can vacuum the front and back of your tapestry to remove any excess dust. I recommend doing this about 2 times a year.

Now It's Your Turn

Now it's your turn to transform your bedroom into your wildest imagination.

In this tutorial I showed you:

  • 6 ways to hang up your wall tapestry without nails and hammers
  • Where you can buy tapestry hangers
  • Where you can get tapestries at cheap prices and great quality

So, let me know in the comments below which tapestry hanging method you went for. Also, if you purchased a tapestry from Pleshy, be sure to tag us on instagram @pleshyco with your bedroom design and we'll give you a shoutout on our page.

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